Privacy Policy

Last update on Dec 20, 2021



Yeki Link takes the protection of personal information and the privacy of its users very seriously and is of the utmost importanceUser security is the most important thing that should be valued in the Internet, one link is always trying to maintain the security of users in addition to making their work easier.


 The Privacy Policy clearly states what information a link receives and collects from users when visiting and using the Services.


One link follows the privacy protection framework established by the laws of the Islamic Republic of IranOne Link acknowledges that it is responsible for and adheres to the principles of privacy, alert, selection, accountability, security, limitation of data integrity and purposes, access to and use of themIf there is a conflict between the privacy policies and the principles of privacy protection, the principles and laws of privacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran will prevail.


One is not a link for children, none of our websites and channels have a program or service for childrenIf you are under 13 years old, please do not send us information about yourself using the website. If information about this has been sent to us and you are worried, we ask the guardians of these children to please us at [email protected] to delete them.


A) If you want to learn more about the use and disclosure of your personal information and how to restrict it, contact us at [email protected]


(B) If you wish to exercise the right of access, modification or deletion, or any personal information we hold about youIf you have any other questions or concerns about the Privacy Policy, please contact us at [email protected]



What information do we collect?


Web server


When you visit the One Link site and app as a guest, our web server records your IP address, the time and duration of your visit, and the pages of the site you are visitingIt may also collect information about your browser, your device (including your mobile device), location, and other information of the type collected by web servers in generalWe use cookies, web guides, and other techniques to identify your browser and device for guest activity on the siteFor more information about our use of these techniques and our ability to limit our data collection in this way, see the section entitled "Online Data Collection Technologies".


Analysis tools


We may use third-party web analytics tools to get information about your use of the site, such as mouse clicks and navigation activityFor example, we might use Google Analytics, Google Website OptimizerProviders of these tools may record information about your activity on our site through cookies and other methods.


The information you send


We may ask you to voluntarily submit information about yourself using the One Link platformFor example, we may ask you to provide your name, landline number and email address, demographic information (such as occupation, age, gender, interests) and information about your general interest in the serviceYou do not have to submit this type of information as a guest on the site.


 Links from other sites


If you reach our site by clicking on ads or content published by a third party, that third party may provide us with information about your activity on their siteFor example, we may use Google AdWords or other third-party advertisers, or we may sponsor links from third-party sites.


Data services


We may have data about you that we purchased from a third-party "data matching" serviceA data matching service combines multiple operators and websites and uses automated techniques to match data collected from different locations to a single individual.


Combine with other data


If you sign up for our services, we may combine the information we collect about you as a site visitor with the information you have registered about you as a service user.


How do we use your personal information?


Any information we collect from you or about you may be used in one of the following ways:


To improve our website


We are constantly striving to improve our website based on the information and feedback we receive from visitors with suggestions.


To send periodic emails and newsletters


In addition to receiving occasional company news, updates, product or service information, etc., each email address you provide may be used to send you information and updates about our services.


If at any time you want to unsubscribe from receiving one-link emails, reply to our "unsubscribe" email to be removed from future emails.


How do we protect your information?


We use standard measures to protect the security of your personal information.


Online data collection technologies (cookies)


Cookies are small files that are transferred to your computer's hard drive through your site or service provider through your web browser (with your permission and approval). These cookies allow sites or service provider systems. Identify your browser and record and remember specific informationWe use cookies to implement authentication and enable key features of the application as well as to better understand user behaviorWe use cookies to collect general data about site visits and site interaction so that we can provide better tools in the future using our past experiencesWe may sign agreements with third-party service providers to better understand our site visitors (they will help us)These service providersThey are not allowed to use the information collected by us.


However, you should know that many of our services may not work properly if you turn off your cookies.



Information about user accounts on social networks and other services


One link as an intermediary platform for communication and connection between services selected by the userRequires access to the account of some servicesTo link the account of a service to the platform one linkAuthentication performed after access by the userOnly the information needed to access that account will be stored in a powerfully encrypted one-link databaseIn other words, the user allows access to one platform, but only when it has created a process that includes the service and its account for the service or events of that service, from that information to connect to the web service and perform Your approved process is usedOtherwise, this information will remain encrypted and we will not have access to it because the platform is configured and run according to your wishes.


Users can view the accounts connected to the services and delete them if necessaryTo increase securityThe registered information for connected user accounts will be deactivated and deleted after being unused for a while until the user re-uses this service and user account.


Automatic form by requesting the user's own access permissionOn the platform, one will have an authentication link and your account information that you enter during authentication.



The information we collect includes the following:


Device information We collect device data such as information about a computer, telephone, tablet or other device that you use to access servicesDepending on the device used, this device data may include information such as your IP address (or proxy server), device and application ID number, location, browser type, Internet service provider hardware model and / or mobile carrier, Operating system and system configurationInformation


Location Information We collect location data such as your device location information that can be accurate or inaccurateHow much information we collect depends on the type and configuration of the device you use to access the servicesFor example, we may use GPS and other technologies to collect geolocation data that tell us your current location (based on your IP address)You can not allow this information to be collected by allowing access to information or disabling location settings on your deviceNote, however, that if you opt out, you may not be able to use certain aspects of the service.



Information collected through one-link applications


Geographic location informationTo provide location-specific services, we may request or allow access to and track of your mobile device on an ongoing basis or while you are using our applicationIf you want to change our access or permissions, you can do so in your device settings.


Mobile device accessWe may access or allow access to certain features from your mobile phone, including Bluetooth, calendar, camera, contacts, sensors, reminders, social media accounts, storage, and other features of the deviceIf you want to change our access or permissions, you can do so in your device settings.


Our mobile device data automatically includes device information (such as your mobile device ID, model and manufacturer), operating system, version information and system configuration information, device and application identification number, browser type and version, service provider hardware model Internet and / or mobile carrier, and Internet Protocol (IP) address (or proxy server)If you use our app, you may find information about your mobile network with your mobile device, operating system or mobile device operating system, type of mobile device used, unique mobile device ID, and feature information Our app gave you access.


Notifications We may request that we send you push notifications about your account or some of the features of the appIf you do not want to receive these communications, you can turn them off in your device settings.


All access to the application can be changed with one linkBut for some functions or events, having this access is required to be able to receive the required information.


We never disclose your information.


We do not sell, trade, or transfer your personally identifiable information and user accounts linked to the Services.



You may also submit a written request to [email protected] to restrict the use and disclosure of your personal information.


Third party links


Sometimes, at our discretion, we may place links to third party products or services on our websiteThese third party sites have separate and independent privacy policiesTherefore, we have no responsibility for the content and activities of these linked sitesHowever, we seek to protect the integrity of our site and welcome any feedback about these sites.


Online Children's Privacy Policy


We comply with the requirements (Child Online Privacy Act), we do not intentionally collect any information from people under 13 years of ageOur website, products and services are all offered to people who are at least 13 years old or older.


Data integrity


One collects personal information links only for the purpose of providing a better service, and our collection and storage is in accordance with these policies. We review our data processing to ensure that only the personal information needed to provide or improve We collect, store and process our servicesWe take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we process is accurate, complete and up-to-date.


Law enforcement


One link regularly checks its compliance with the Privacy PolicyIf you have any questions or concerns about this policy or how to deal with it, please send us a link to your personal information by contacting us through this website or sending us a letter to protect your privacy, As soon as we receive written and formal complaints at our address, we will act immediatelyThis policy is a link to contact the complainant user about their user concernsWe will work with data protection regulators to resolve any complaints about the transfer of personal data that are not resolved between one link and another.


Online Privacy Policy


The online privacy policy applies only to information collected through our website and does not include information collected offline or information that we receive from our customers as part of our service.


Your satisfaction


By using the One Link platform, you agree to our privacy policy.



Suggestions or changes in our privacy policy


If you decide to send us a suggestion or change in your privacy policy, please send your suggestion and change to [email protected]One link has the authority to review them and take appropriate action if necessary.